Webcast Auctions

Say Goodbye to Applets

Our webcast auction software is one of the first on the market to be fully HTML5, meaning that users can bid from a wide range of mobile devices.

Fully Integrated

The bidlogix webcast solution is fully integrated to the software both in the auctioneer admin and in the user interface. Users can search, watch and control webcast items just as they would with any other item on the site.

Pre Bidding

As soon as you have uploaded your webcast catalogue you can start attracting bids, users dont have to wait until the sale day to place a bid.

Feature Rich

Our webcast solution was years in the making, in tandem with auctioneers, buyers and industry leaders. Some of the many features include:

  • Integration with UStream for live audio and video
  • Sell in whole numbers and decimals
  • Group items
  • Offer choice
  • Quickly change increments
  • Send auction based and item based messages to users
  • Max bid function

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