Timed Auctions

Online Auction Software

Our online auction software gives the user the closest possible experience, and excitement, to actually being in the sale room.

No Need to Refresh

Built using the latest technology, the bidlogix online auction software runs in real time, so there is no need for your users to keep refreshing their page.

Bidding Options

Incremental bidding, auto bidding, make offer and buy now options are all available in the bidlogix online auction software with users being able to place bids from any auction, item, search or My Bids page.


Minimum prices can be set for any item in the auction, users are informed they are bidding against a reserve and how far they are from reaching it through our unique reserve gauge.

Online Auction Software

Private Treaty

For auctions where bidding is not appropriate you can make use of the Private Treaty function. This removes the bidding functions, leaving either a buy now or make offer option.

Real Time Bid Table

Watch it all happen in real time! Our bid table allows you to review all bids that have been placed on an item, change increments, lower reserves, and view the details of each bidder.

Overtime Bidding

To replicate the auction room you can set to offer an overtime bidding period, where bidding is extended if a bid is received within a given period.

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