Helping you get paid!

Invoicing and the collection of goods are vital for auctioneers and sellers to get right. Our invoicing system was extensively developed and tested in tandem with industry specialists and high volume sellers.

One Click Invoicing

Once a sale is complete, creating and sending invoices is as simple as clicking a few buttons.

User view

Users access their invoices through the ‘My Invoices’ section on your site. This section enables the user to review and print all the invoices you have ever given them.

Record Payments

As payments come in our system allows you to record these against the relevant invoice, this in turn shows in the users ‘My Invoice’ section, keeping them informed when the invoice is fully paid or the amount that is outstanding.

Item Collections

Controlling the collection of items is a headache for any auctioneer or seller of assets. The bidlogix system takes this pain away with tools that help keep both you and your buyers informed.

Crediting and Re-invoicing

Invoicing auctions is not straight forward! From time to time you may need to issue a refund or make changes to an invoice. Not only can you do this with the bidlogix system, you can do it in seconds.


Understand the outstanding amounts to be paid within seconds, quickly review and export key information such as sales results, debtors and payments.

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