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3.75 Release Notes

General performance and security improvements. Bidlogix Fixes A user’s full name is now correctly displayed on the page where they confirm their request to register for an auction. New Implemented a new API call so that third-party systems can add images to existing lots. Improvements Unique ID values for images are now included in the […]

3.74 Release Notes

General performance and security improvements. Bidlogix nothing user facing BidJS Implemented a toggle to control whether pre-bidding is available for lots in a Webcast auction prior to the auction starting Bug-fix for exports to CSV AssetFlow Improved the width of the ‘Assign locations’ dropdown in Approval Privileges in Company Settings so that locations can be […]

3.72 Release Notes

General performance and security improvements. AssetFlow:   Significantly reduced the load time of Deals Pages   Implemented ability for ‘Accept Settlement’ and ‘Cancel Settlement’ to be carried out using (bulk) Actions   Users now remain in the Asset Details view instead of being taken to the Asset List view when an asset is saved   […]

3.71 Release Notes

3.71 Release Notes NOTE: Due to company holidays the next release (3.72) will be on Friday 10th August General stability and security improvements. Bidlogix / BidJS Resellers’ own logo will now display in the new Bid Table as in the rest of the Admin area. AssetFlow Downloading asset information from an auction would produce an […]

3.70 Release Notes

3.70 Release Notes General stability and security improvements. Bidlogix / BidJS Improved colour-coding of status/state indicators in the new Bid Table to improve clarity Help with the new bid table can be found here: Removed ‘Memorable Question’ & ‘Answer’ from the ‘Create Account’ page BidJS When moving between pages in BidJS the user will […]

3.69 Release Notes

3.69 Release Notes General security and stability improvements. Bidlogix Revised polling mechanism to prevent excessive connection attempts by users with a bad connection A logged out user watching an auction is no longer presented with error messages when another user places an autobid on an item in that auction AssetFlow A company admin can now […]

3.68 Release Notes

Release Notes for 3.68, 3.68AF & 3.68JS General performance and security improvements. Bidligix & BidJS Fixed an issue whereby, if a webcast clerk clicks ‘Sell’ and ‘Next’ rapidly items can get stuck in the sales list and appear incorrectly in the webcast clerking console. To support the upcoming GDPR legislation users are given given a […]

3.67 Release Notes

General performance and stability changes. BidJS: Logo for new webapps in admin section now configurable BidJS: New webapps are now available immediately after creation, they no longer require a server restart Assetflow: The order of assets in an Asset Group can now be changed Assetflow: When creating assets an asset can be saved without having […]

3.66 Release Notes

General reliability & performance inprovements. An admin can now send buyers a ‘Collection Note’ email so they have a proof of payment to use for collections Update the integration with to work after Feb 2018 when support for TLS1.0 ceases Assetflow: Locations names now allow the use of the ‘&’ symbol Assetflow: Prevent a […]

3.65 Release Notes

General performance and stability improvements and the following bugfixes & new features; Bugfixes Assetflow – Correct the misalignment of the ‘Location’ field in mobile view Assetflow – Correct the mobile view rendering of the asset bulk edit view New Features Assetflow – Implemented a label in the ‘Make Offer & Bids’ section which indicates which […]

3.64 Release Notes

General performance and stability improvements and the following bugfixes & new features; – Bidlogix: Added two new time intervals to the staggered bidding end times viz; 10 and 20 seconds – AssetFlow: New screen similar to the Create Asset screen which allows users to bulk edit data for assets – AssetFlow: Implemented ability to edit […]

3.63 Release notes

General performance and stability improvements and the following bugfixes, changes & new features; New Features For non-English speakers, added a flag next to the language code when selecting a different language. Added social media links to newly created sites Made name search in Assetflow case-insensitive New site Carnet activated Added more tooltips to asset creation […]

3.62 Release Notes

General performance and stability improvements and the following bugfixes & new features; New Features Simplified Assetflow asset upload & entering of required fields Requests for http are all now redirected to https GE Assetflow users can select a GE group to join on login Bugfixes Assetflow corrected validation on Location (predefined/dropdown)when adding an asset.

3.61 Release Notes

General performance and stability improvements and the following bugfixes & new features; New features Two new European client webapps. Webcast and timed bidders will now be alerted if their internet connection is poor. Thai Baht added as an available currency. Tightened up the validation of fields in the Assetflow bulk upload operation and provide better […]

3.60 Release Notes

General performance and stability improvements and the following bugfixes and new features; Implemented support for Google Tag Manager Fixed a bug in Auction Project Reporting whereby you could get stuck in a loop trying to select an auction to report on and repeatedly being told ‘No auction selected’ Fixed a bug whereby ‘last login date’ […]

3.55 Release Notes

Bug Fixes Specific combinations of roles and privileges affecting mgt admin SSO log in – fixed Re-direct bug seen on some sites – fixed Some characters displaying as a HTML entity incorrectly within Auction Description, Related Items and Categories – fixed Some Items with purchase option Make offer being incorrectly filtered within Mybids – fixed […]

3.54 Release Notes

Bug Fixes Some sites experiencing mixed content icon being displayed due to CSS – fixed Improvements Various UI improvements and upgrades Continent selector/Site Locator collapsed by default in search pages when auctions listed are only in one continent Find By.. feature can now be hidden from Auction Details pages, controlled at Webapp level

3.53 Release Notes

Bug Fixes Pagination selector on Auction Catalogue pages not working properly – fixed Missing images placeholder showing text but no icon – fixed Images being cropped in some applications – fixed Some site logos being out of focus – fixed Improvements Various UI fixes and improvements including larger images within lot boxes Single sign on […]

3.52 Release Notes

Bug Fixes Issue with exporting more than 999 users to a CSV at a time – fixed Issues with site logos being squashed in IE 10 on Windows 8 – fixed Issues with some Headers larger than expected in IE10 on Win10, Win8, also IE11 on Win10 – fixed Search page with an undefined term inputted appears […]

3.51 Release Notes

Bug Fixes Issues in nightly backups for app1 Sale Info – Dates now Automatically Internationalised Marketplace Filter now listens to Default Continet Webapp Setting Logged in awaiting image graphic being truncated In iOS mobile browsers auction details page body missing – fixed Improvements Various UI fixes and improvements Implement improved App monitoring Improved Firewall rules […]

3.50 Release Notes

Bug Fixes Layout issues with Mybids – Fixed ‘Recently Added’ ribbons alignment (both homepage, and itemDetails page) Youtube removing related videos using rel=0 at the end of the URL now works SagePay issue – refresh causing system to receive multiple response callbacks – fixed Various UI fixes and improvements Upload template content strips all formatting – fixed […]

3.49 Release Notes

Bug Fixes Display Price on Listings Has No Effect on Front End Lot Box – Fixed Invoices – ‘Print’ and ‘My Invoice’ buttons are white on white background – Fixed Various UI fixes If there are no items in the marketplace it is showing a ‘page does not exist’ message – fixed Search page: left-side […]

3.48 Release Notes

Bug Fixes Thank you landing page and google analytics – fixed Bid Button appears for Pending Registrant when Autobids Only set – fixed Pagination Selector not working once logged in – fixed Marketplace – Gallery/List buttons overlaying the pagination Selector – fixed Clicking through to the marketplace from the navbar link shows empty page – […]