3.80 Release Notes

Release 3.80 Notes 2019 April

I’m sure you’re usually settling down with a doughnut and coffee to read our release notes, but today I’m sorry to say it might be more like a brunch bar. You know what they say though – size really doesn’t matter…! April is a little short on working days so these notes might look svelte compared to usual, but! We’re going to describe it as a simple case of quality over quantity.

On to the good stuff – we’ve performed general security updates across our systems this month alongside the following platform-specific improvements detailed below. 


Last month we brought to you a new view on BidJS called My Sales and this month we’ve made it even better. Now you and your vendors can see detailed graphs and data about your bidders and sales as they’re happening. For more information about getting My Sales set up on your site, contact us on [email protected].


As they say, let’s start with the bad news. The bad news is that we had a couple of hangnail bugs to pull, but the good news is that things are a lot better now they’re gone!

First up, we fixed a bug where any yes/no fields that were required for approval were looking a little messy with some elements overlapping. We also found that custom fields were not correctly displaying the approval asterisk. We’ve given these two bugs some attention so everything looks much clearer now.

Secondly, there was a bug whereby an unhelpful generic error message was showing when a user entered an email address incorrectly in the Accounts area. We’ve corrected this so that it will be obvious to revisit the email format and make corrections.


Last month we introduced the new Company Approvals view and this month we’ve made things even better. We’ve added the ability for users to filter the data shown in this view, which should make it easier and faster to find what you need and act on that filtered information.

Talking of approvals, we’ve generally sped things up for you. Our users were finding that applying approvals to a high number of assets in one go was starting to result in some extra coffee breaks “while things load”. Well, it wasn’t quite that bad but we’ve made things noticeable (and we apologise for any reduced break times).

Last but not least, we’ve added brand new functionality whereby Sales Managers can see the details of any auctions their assets are linked to. This will enable them to see an overview of sales, keeping better track of their deals and assets.

That’s all for this release. Back to work for you now, I’m afraid, but we’ll check back in next month to let you know what we’ve been up to. If you have any questions or feedback for us, please get in touch on [email protected].