3.78 Release Notes


This release, we have fixed a bug that was stopping Lot Alert emails from being sent out. We have fixed this so users who opt into alerts for your lots will be able to take advantage of this super useful feature! We know a few of you have been waiting for this so please get in touch on [email protected] if you would like us to enable lot alerts for you.

Asset Flow – Bugs

We’ve squashed a few bugs around messages so that they are much more helpful. For example, we’ve now made sure that when you’re entering an email address into the Contact section it will let you know if there’s a problem with the format. Secondly if you have customised labels for fields or sections, these will now display properly in any messages.

Asset Flow – Stories

We’ve worked on Deals so that now you can see if an asset belongs to a Deal by looking at the Asset itself. We’ve also given asset creators the ability to link assets to a deal from the bulk Actions menu. 

If there were dropdown menus in the Asset list containing long values then previously these values were truncated. We have made improvements so that this value can now be seen in full within the dropdown menu when hovering over the shortened content.

Lastly we’ve made improvements around approvals. We’ve enabled approvers to quickly see all their assets pending approvals with a single click from AssetFlow home page. Secondly we’ve added the ability for an approver to see if these assets belong to a deal. This list of assets pending approval can be filtered, making it super easy to find the assets you need, and you can bulk action approvals directly from the list. We’ve also made sure that if you attempt to bulk approve a selection of assets and one/some of them cannot be approved for any reason, the other assets are successfully approved regardless.