3.76 Release Notes

As usual, the Bidlogix elves have been working super hard behind the scenes. We’re excited to share with you the news and improvements in our software this festive month. Alongside the below, we wish you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See you in 2019, and as ever if you need any assistance, please feel free to email us on [email protected].

New in Bidlogix and BidJS

We’re making APIs A-PIece of cake for you! We’ve now added the ability for users to retrieve auction and registrant details via API. We’ve also enabled users to take advantage of our APIs to add and update item images. 

Check out our API information here: https://bidlogix.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/kb/view/77922309

Specifically, find the Auction info API here and the Registrant info API here

BidJS Bug Squash

Just like Sudafed in December, we’re continuing to fight bugs. We’ve stamped out an issue with BidJS where the Bootstrap bundle version had some layout issues.

AssetFlow Fixes

We’re always working to iron out those kinks. This month, we’ve been working in a few areas.

In terms of notification, we’ve improved the visibility of the progress message when uploading media to an asset, so you’ll always know where you’re up to. 

Next up, we’ve also made sure that the archive deal confirmation modal has moved from our naughty list to the nice list. Now when you archive a deal and see the confirmation pop-up it behaves as you would expect, whether you confirm or cancel.

We’re sure Santa wouldn’t make a mistake with his list, so we’ve checked ours twice and made sure that the text showing the number of items currently displaying on our deal items list page matches the actual number of items displayed.

New to AssetFlow-Ho-Ho!

Now for the really interesting stuff!

We’ve now added the ability to automatically match images to assets. This can vastly improve the speed and efficiency of the image upload process. 

Speaking of images, we’ve also improved media management for you by re-designing the modal that allows you to rotate, name and add a description to your images.

Here’s the Deal – we’ve improved the filtering in our Deals sections so that when you are using filters, these will persist when you navigate to other areas of the site. We’ve also added a button to allow you to clear all your filters too.

Finally, we’ve made changes to the system so that you can now approve your completed section even if there are pending empty fields that are required for approval in other sections. No coal for us this year!

That’s it for this release but we’re looking forward to what awaits us in 2019, and as usual we’ll keep you posted.