3.74 Release Notes

General performance and security improvements.
nothing user facing

Implemented a toggle to control whether pre-bidding is available for lots in a Webcast auction prior to the auction starting
Bug-fix for exports to CSV

Improved the width of the ‘Assign locations’ dropdown in Approval Privileges in Company Settings so that locations can be more easily identified and selected
When clicking on images in the (Asset) Media section or in Media Library they now open in the ‘Edit Photo’ dialog instead of opening in a new browser tab
When clicking on images of assets at the top of the Asset view they now open within the same tab and in a larger size
Deals now show which customer is associated with the deal to improve clarity
Bugfix for occasional resource property errors when viewing Items within Deals
Bugfix for applying approvals of last asset section (e.g. FSS/Supplies) before asset can be changed from an ‘Invoicing & Settlement’ status to ‘Sold’
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