3.73 Release Notes

Release Bidlogix 3.73, 3.73JS & 3.73AF

General security and performance improvements.


no changes


On Timed auctions bidding is not allowed until the set start date and time are reached (NB: this change does not affect Webcast auctions)


Asset List Filters now apply & update correctly in iOS/Safari

Item images in Deals can now be rotated in the browser

Deals list page load has been improved for users who work across many customers and deals

The Deal owner no longer changes in error when editing a deal

Approvers will now receive a single email notification when they are notified of many assets requiring their approval

Asset selections are now retained when a bulk action / approval has been performed.

AssetFlow users can now select multiple assets in the Asset list view by clicking assets whilst holding the SHIFT key

Fixed global search not returning matching assets