3.72 Release Notes

General performance and security improvements.

Significantly reduced the load time of Deals Pages
Implemented ability for ‘Accept Settlement’ and ‘Cancel Settlement’ to be carried out using (bulk) Actions
Users now remain in the Asset Details view instead of being taken to the Asset List view when an asset is saved
Implemented ability for users to go to ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ asset from within the Asset Details view
Implemented an ‘Asset Groups’ CTA in the top Nav bar to improve navigation to and visibility of Asset Groups
Removed case sensitivity from Bulk Upload and Editing of assets (for fields which need to be matched with existing values)
Bugfix that would have prevented Locations being able to be created in Chrome browsers
Reduced excess white space in Microsoft Edge
Assets on the assets group detail page now show their order number to make re-ordering clearer
Bugfix for Webcast Auction description incorrectly labelling auction start time as end time
Amended Google Maps API implementation to remove potential unnecessary costs