3.70 Release Notes

3.70 Release Notes

General stability and security improvements.

Bidlogix / BidJS

Improved colour-coding of status/state indicators in the new Bid Table to improve clarity
Help with the new bid table can be found here:

Removed ‘Memorable Question’ & ‘Answer’ from the ‘Create Account’ page


When moving between pages in BidJS the user will now always land at the top of the destination page


Improved the clarity of the upload status indicator for Bulk Uploads/Updates

Implemented the ability for the Unassigned media section to be collapsed in the Asset Details view

Improved the feedback given to a user if Bulk Uploads/Updates fail

Implemented the ability for a user to upload a spread sheet of new or edited assets including only a subset of columns

If you have any questions please consult the help files here:

All help files – https://bidlogix.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BHP/overview
AssetFlow help files – https://bidlogix.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BHP/pages/81664581/Help+with+Asset+Flow

or contact support at [email protected]