3.68 Release Notes

Release Notes for 3.68, 3.68AF & 3.68JS

General performance and security improvements.

Bidligix & BidJS

Fixed an issue whereby, if a webcast clerk clicks ‘Sell’ and ‘Next’ rapidly items can get stuck in the sales list and appear incorrectly in the webcast clerking console.

To support the upcoming GDPR legislation users are given given a specific opt-in option for their personal data to be used in data analytics

Implemented a completely new Bid Table view in auction admin which is user selectable.


Fixed issue with AssetSectionTeamName modal in AssetFlow Translations.

Adding an asset to an asset group after the approvals process has started no longer breaks the asset list view.

Bulk uploading assets to an asset group now sets the order of assets correctly.

Extended the available columns in the template for assetflow upload from a csv file.

Give the user a visual indicator to let them know when page loading is in progress.

Allow the user to select which fields to include in an export so that the system generates a spreadsheet with only the information they’re interested in.

Allow a user to upload a spreadsheet of assets (previously exported from AssetFlow) back into AssetFlow so that any changes they’ve made in the spreadsheet are applied to the assets.

Improve the speed of loading of asset groups.

For Sales Managers show approvers a message when approving the Valuation (Finance) section to ensure they have all relevant information before applying their approval.

Implement Google Tag Manager so that the company admin can leverage the tool’s ability to integrate other tools for messaging/analytics etc.

Show approvers a ‘Confirmation’ dialog when (bulk) actions are used for approvals so that they are always aware of any important information.