3.65 Release Notes

General performance and stability improvements and the following bugfixes & new features;

Assetflow – Correct the misalignment of the ‘Location’ field in mobile view
Assetflow – Correct the mobile view rendering of the asset bulk edit view
New Features
Assetflow – Implemented a label in the ‘Make Offer & Bids’ section which indicates which Bidlogix application is selected for the asset
Assetflow – Implemented a hyperlink to an asset’s page in Bidlogix in the ‘Make Offer & Bids’ section (whilst the asset is in ‘Sale in Progress’ status)
Assetflow – Reduce the white-space towards to the top of the view in the Create Asset screen
Assetflow – Allow user  to set the ‘End Date’ for assets when using the (bulk) Actions option to send assets to Marketplace
Assetflow – Speed up the (bulk) ‘start’, ‘re-start’, ‘correction’ and ‘cancel’ Actions on multipe assets
Assetflow – Speed up the (bulk) ‘send’ (to marketplace/auction) Actions on multiple assets
Assetflow – Increased the pagination options for number of assets per page in the Asset list view (to 25, 50, 100, 250, 500)