3.64 Release Notes

General performance and stability improvements and the following bugfixes & new features;
– Bidlogix: Added two new time intervals to the staggered bidding end times viz; 10 and 20 seconds
– AssetFlow: New screen similar to the Create Asset screen which allows users to bulk edit data for assets
– AssetFlow: Implemented ability to edit Asset Group names and ‘status’
– AssetFlow: Implemented ability to use (bulk) ‘Actions’ on Asset Groups
– AssetFlow: Implemented logic to define a default order for assets in an Asset Group (on the basis of date & time added to Asset Group; most recent first)
– AssetFlow: Implemented a message (content-managed) when sending assets of an asset group to auction/marketplace to inform users the default order will be applied (ref ‘Lot No’ allocation)
– AssetFlow: Implemented ability for Company Admins to add a link to Help/Support which can point to an external URL
– AssetFlow: Implemented ability to add additional label for asset section headers and section approval status boxes (aka ‘pizza boxes’) to show team/unit responsible for approvals
– AssetFlow: Bugfix for created date being changed incorrectly when updating an asset
– AssetFlow: Bugfix for email settings