3.63 Release notes

General performance and stability improvements and the following bugfixes, changes & new features;

New Features
For non-English speakers, added a flag next to the language code when selecting a different language.
Added social media links to newly created sites
Made name search in Assetflow case-insensitive
New site Carnet activated
Added more tooltips to asset creation screens in Assetflow
Added more placeholder text to asset creation screens in Assetflow
Removed a possible cross-site scripting vulnerability
Asset creation in Assetflow all sections begin collapsed
Added additional search and filter options when viewing asset groups in Assetflow
Simplified the viewing of asset groups within Assetflow
Simplified the creation/editing of asset groups in Assetflow
Simplified the adding of images during asset creation in Asseetflow

Webcast countdown timer removed: We have identified that, under certain conditions, using the countdown timer on webcast
auctions could cause performance issues with the application. With this release you should do the following if you want the auction started and ready to go at a certain time;

1. Start the auction
2. Place an item in the ring
3. Post an auction level message from the webcast admin screen saying e.g. ‘The auction will commence at 11:15am’
4. Optionally you can also pause live bidding
5. When you wish to start the auction, clear the message and un-pause live bidding, if necessry

NB. the item countdown time in timed auctions is unaffected by this change.

Assetflow- Sale Info section now collapses when Marketplace or Auction are selected